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Teaching English Online to Young Learners: 100 FAQs


The VIPKid Research Institute is excited to announce the publication of Teaching English Online to Young Learners: 100 FAQs, written by Professor Jun Liu together with his associates at VRI. Professor Liu is the Chief Academic Officer at VIPKid and Founding President of the VIPKid Research Institute.   

The VIPKid Research Institute is a branch of VIPKid made up of scholars, researchers, and curriculum & assessment experts who seek to understand the complexities of learning and teaching online, develop academic standards, and respond to real-world problems in the future of education.

This book provides English language teachers with solutions to common challenges in online teaching. To make it the most useful and practical tool, the VIPKid Research Institute conducted teacher surveys and interviews over the span of several years, collecting hundreds of cases with challenges online English teachers often encounter. You may have even participated in one of these surveys! VIPKid carefully chose 100 of the most representative cases for analysis based on key themes and relevant TEFL standards: namely, second language acquisition theories, teaching principles and methodology, and the tools and functions of technology in language teaching to young learners.

VIPKid teachers are the backbone of the organization, and your curated experiences—as highlighted in Teaching English Online to Young Learners—provide valuable insight to educators everywhere, especially as much of the world has pivoted to some form of online education. Through this book, VIPKid reminds the EdTech community of our continued commitment to leveraging technology and expertise in online teaching and learning. The book is a useful tool for language teachers, online teachers, and teachers of young learners everywhere.


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  • Publisher : Phoenix Tree Publishing Inc. (January 1, 2020)
  • Language : English
  • ISBN-10 : 1625753160
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1625753168
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